Dots & Poppies

Snowmen in Spring

Today is the first day of spring and we woke up to snow here in Southern Alberta!  So I suppose that it’s only fitting that today would be the day I finally get around to posting my finished “Let it Snow” quilt by Nancy Halverson. I’m only about 3 months late!  I will admit that I have fallen behind in my blogging but I have several finished quilts that are photographed and ready to be posted so hopefully I will get back into the swing of posting more often again soon!

Let It SnowI started this quilt this fall and finished it just before New Years.  It was my annual Christmas quilt!  I love the whimsical snowmen with the trees and snowflakes because it made for a nice winter quilt rather than specifically Christmas.   Let It Snow

My favourite part of this quilt is the quilting in the trees.  I improvised and design and I loved how it turned out!IMG_0728

I did double loop meandering in the snowmen and a swirly star pattern in the snowflakes.

IMG_0833 IMG_0769 IMG_0767I chose this grey and white minky for the backing and I made bias cut stripped binding.

IMG_0839 IMG_0799IMG_0836 IMG_0840

Also you’ve got to see these super sweet bootie slippers that my best friend Sara crocheted  for me for Christmas!  I absolutely love them!

IMG_0831So, speaking of winter… have you all seen the movie Frozen yet?  Since I don’t have any children of my own, my sister informed me that we should “take Donovan to the movies” so we could see it together.  She had already watched it on a Disney cruise she went on over Christmas and so she knew that I must see it!  Hence we brought Donovan (my nephew) to the movies.  Amazing movie!!!!  I was so pleased to FINALLY see a movie that did not send the message to young girls that the answer to your happily-ever-after is finding Prince Charming.  Hallelujah!  What a great message in this movie and one that I think is so important for young girls to hear!  Finding Mr. Right is not the end all be all.  Rather, being yourself, being confident in who you are, and the love of family and friends are also important, and I think more important, than finding the man of your dreams.

And with that I will step off my soap box and leave you with this cute scene from the movie. :)




Dots and Poppies

Dots & Poppies

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Vintage Valentine


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Peacock Afghan


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Veledilo Cable Afghan


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Chicopee Kalidescope


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Crazy Cat Lady quilt


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Bendable Curves – Pinwheel Party

Pinwheel Party by Kerrie Schwandt

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