Day One

This morning I meet Brenda at the quilting store in Maple Creek, The Cats Meow and we discovered a new awesome thing… chocolate bars!  They are like a charm pack but 5”x2.5” and they are wrapped like a chocolate bar!  I also bought a new moda charm pack, “Pure” and one called “Happy”!  Then I found these cool tumblers that you can make a quilt for and I made one each for my mom and I.  I used the “Happy” charm pack.  It was a great first project for the weekend!

There are 10 ladies here and everyone is working on beautiful stuff; if I can convince them to let me take some pictures I will share with you! 

I also bought a new kit form Brenda that has all black and white minky fabric with purple accents.  I absolutely love it!  It’s only a quilt top and I would still like to put boarders around it but I whipped it together in no time!

The white in this quilt didn’t show up very well in this picture because of the fluorescent lights in the room. 
Next I pulled out the fabric for the 2 new Day and Night quilts.  This time I wanted to do a 4 strip, 3 fabric design using the black and white with a bit of bright idea.  I LOVE it so far!  Before I called it a night I got all the strips cut out for these 2 quilts.

I did about an hour of hand sewing on the Christmas Shoofly as well before finally calling it a night and falling asleep.  I can’t wait to get started tomorrow and see how much I will get done! 
Good Night!

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