Day Three

I am exhausted!  I worked carefully all day trying my best to match-up all the points, square-up all the squares, press all the seams flat, and line up the boarders and the results were beautiful!
I started the day sewing the triangles together and then pressing the seams open.  Normally with quilting you press towards the darker fabric, but because this area gets too think with seams it’s best to press them open (I learned that the hard way last time!).

Next I carefully squared-up the squares with my 6.5” square ruler to make sure the the points were sharp and the seams would line up when I put them together.  I never used to do this step but I found that it made a huge difference in the end!
Next was the fun part of sewing together the four small square to create one large block that formed the star pattern.  With this I was able to precisely match up all the points because the seams “locked” nicely together.  Locking seams requires that you think about the direction that you iron so the when two seams match up one side is folded up and the other down and then fit perfectly together without creating a big lump.  After these blocks were done I learned a technique where you snip the connecting thread and open the back seams to form a tiny pinwheel when you iron it open.  This again allows the seam to lay flat rather then creating a huge bump where eight pieces of fabric overlap.  I have to say that the joy I felt when my tiny pinwheels worked on the back of the fabric was all together AWESOME! 
The next step was sewing the large blocks into a 2 x 3 center quilt top.  Again I was using the seam locking techniques and opening seams at the back to iron lots of tiny pinwheels at each of the intersections!  I have to admit that I was very proud of myself with how this part went!  I think it was my most successful point making ever!  By about 6:30 pm I had both center quilt tops completed.
The next step was to sew on the three boarders for each quilt.  Now I must explain that there in an official method for making a perfectly square quilt with measured boarder lengths… however I was puffed up by my pride of the perfect points and tiny ironed pinwheels and I figured that I didn’t need to measure and I would just whip on the boarders and trim off the extra.  Well, lets just say, that that part was not really and exercise in proper quilting procedure! The correct method involves pinning and measuring and taking averages, and I just couldn’t be bothered, after all the rest of the quilt was so perfect!  Anyways, long story short, I did things my way and they still turned out lovely but the boarders had to be pieced a bit and they are probably more of a rhombus then a perfect square… oh well! 

We ended the day all gathered around one sewing machine, laughing, talking about life and sharing homemade chai tea.  It was wonderful!  One more day left and then I have to pack everything up and head back to reality I guess.  The good thing is that Mom and Dad should be back home by tomorrow night!  I cannot wait to hear all about their cruise in Tahiti and the French Polynesian Islands.  Also, I cannot wait to show Mom all the projects I finished!  
Every good and perfect gift comes from Above…. :)

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