Day Two

Well, well, well I got a lot done today!  I spent about two hours in the morning doing more handwork on my Shoofly before getting dressed and heading back to my sewing machine.  My first task of the day was to organize the strips that I cut yesterday for the two Day and Night quilts.

Then I had to sew all the strips together.  There are four strips in each group, 4 different groups, and 3 sets in each group… so basically ALOT of strips!  After the strips are together you use a special triangle ruler to cut all the triangles.

The 4 triangles in the bottom row are the ones that will make up the pinwheels in each of the two quilts.  All the other triangles are the leftovers that I can use to put together wall hangings and table runners!  From all the pieces you see above I can make SIX projects!  I really like the Day and Night pattern there are so many ways you can make it look!  Hopefully tomorrow you will see the two quilt tops completed.  All of that work took until 6 pm.  By that time I was ready to look at something new and so I pulled out a wall hanging kit that I had and started it.  First I put together the background.

I liked making the half-square triangles in to 3 pinwheels that will become snowflakes.  Next I took a turn at some applique.  I haven’t really done much applique but I like is and I would like to do more and get better at my blanket stitch.  Anyways, I think the snowman I added turned out great!

Next I put together the checkerboard boarders.  I think it is so cool to chain-stitch whenever possible and so when I sewed together all these blocks this is how it looked!

Finally I finished adding the boarders around midnight!  So all-in-all this quilt top took 6 hours to complete!  Of course I still have to sew on button eye’s and a smile, sandwich and quilt, and put on a binding… so maybe another 6-8 hours before its completely finished!

Well, before I go to bed I will do another hour of hand sewing and then maybe I’ll fall asleep around 2 am!  I’ve had such a great day!  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Mom was here with me instead of in Tahiti!
Good Night!

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