Field of Flowers

Last year I decided to sew quilts for each of my receptionists for Christmas.  They are fantastic employee’s and I really wanted to give them something special so that they would know how much I value their hard work.  I found this pattern, Fields of Flowers by Pieces of my Heart, and it seemed like the perfect choice!  The pattern is perfectly suited for jelly rolls and so that made the cutting and fabric selection a snap!  
For Chantel I choose Charisma by Moda.  I used the pink fabric for the triangle pieces around the edges and the same for the binding.  The backing is a fluffy soft reddish pink plaid flannel.  The perfect lap quilt!
For Kyndra I choose Bistro by Moda and I used the light brown swirls for the edges.  Hers has a dark brown with fine red striped plaid in thick flannel for the backing.
Emily’s quilt is made from the Fig & Plum jelly roll by Moda.  I used the green fabric to tie in the edges and used a creamy yellow with green plaid flannel for the backing.
I did all 3 of these quilts out at the cabin in Elkwater since Chantel is very allergic to cats, and well it’s nearly impossible to keep my cats away from quilts that I’m sewing at home!  It was actually a great excuse to get away and just spend some time at the cabin sewing.  Each quilt took me about 3 days plus about 5 hours of hand stitching the binding.  
I choose to stitch-in-the-ditch around the squares for the quilting because it was fast and it left the quilts a little bit fluffier and softer.  
I loved how they all turned out and was even more please that each of the girls seemed to love the color choices I made for them!  Before this I had not made a lot of quilts that I gave away, but since then I have lots that I want to sew for friends!  It is such a joy to put my time and effort into a project that I know is exactly perfect for the person who will be getting it.  Also after a while of making quilts my house is full of quilts on every couch, chair and bed, so it was time to start giving some away!

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