Christmas Ragtime Quilt

Ragtime quilts are very popular quilts for beginners.  You just cut out squares of the prescribed size and sandwich each small square and then sew all the squares together.  This eliminates the big job of sandwiching a large quilt and quilting the whole thing at once.  You basically make a whole bunch of tiny quilts and then sew them all together.  After they are all sewed together you use your scissors to clip all the seams into little fringes, then throw the whole thing in the dryer and it comes out with a lovely chenilled look!  

It is the perfect quilt for cuddling up by the fire place or on the couch to watch a movie with my cats!

I made this Christmas ragtime last winter (February 2010) with a whole bunch of scraps of Christmas flannel that I inherited from my mom.  It was an easy and fun quilt to put together. 

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