Friends for Christmas

Since it is the season of Advent I have saved all my Christmas projects to share with you during December.  The first quilt that I want to share is one that I made in 2007.  And by “2007” I mean that is took all of the year 2007 to finish!  It was a class that I took were we did one section every month starting in January and having our quilt done by the end of November.  

This was my very first attempt at applique and I have to say that I really enjoyed it!  I think it made it better because we did a few sections at a time so I didn’t get overwhelmed by all the little pieces.  The quilt is called “Friends for Christmas” and the pattern is actually a whole book that explains each block as you go along.  

One of my special touches was to use minky for Santa’s beard and mustache.  It was incredibly hard to work with but I looks so cool and adds a realistic texture to the quilt!  I even bedazzled jewels on the the crowns of the “three wise penguins”!

Next, I learned a technique of quilting called echo quilting.  Basically you sew around each item on the quilt at a quarter inch away and then you sew another line a quarter inch from that and so on (sew on?) until the whole quilt it filled.  I LOVED the effect of this!  It was a lot of work but it is the quilt that I am most proud of completing!

This year I hung it in my entrance way.  Perfect because I walk by it every time I go upstairs and when I come in my house it is the first thing that I see!  

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