Monsters in the Closet

Last fall (2009) I started a quilt called “Monsters In The Closet” by Whistlepig Creek Productions.  It is from a panel that I got at Sew Many Treasures and I thought it would be the perfect quilt for the spare bedroom… you know because I figured that Donovan would love it!  

So basically I cut up the panel and placed each monster in a wonky square with primary colors in the triangle wedges.

Then I made the sashing between the squares out of the blue “monster skin” fabric.  The border was a cool monster panel as well and then in each the corner I appliqued on a different monster.

The outer boarder and the binding are the black stars and tornados fabric.  For the back I got the matching fabric with all the monsters on it!
I love the way it turned out!  
Sometimes it feels like cheating to make a quilt from a panel but this one was different.  Yes, I used a panel but I cut it all apart and still pieced it into a quilt design.  I had a lot of fun making this quilt.  
I was planning on quilting it on my mom’s long-arm machine but while I was waiting to do it my mom sent it off and had it quilted professionally for me as a surprise.  They did a cool star pattern that turned out great! 
So finally after a year I was able to make up the bed in my spare room and have Donovan (my nephew) over for a sleepover with his new quilt!  
Well, he was not a fan of the monsters at all last night!  In fact he made me take the quilt off the bed before he would get in to go to sleep!  In the morning when my sister came to pick him up we were able to convince him that the monsters were cool and took a few great pictures of him with the quilt!

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