On Sunday November 14th, 2010 at 9:24 pm my Opa, Walter Schwandt, past away.  It has been almost 3 weeks now and it is so strange to know that he not here anymore.  I know that my Opa was content with his life and he loved his Saviour and he is now spending eternity in Heaven.   Opa told me one day that he had no regrets and that he had no unforgiveness in his heart.   He was ready to die.  His testimony has had a huge impact on my heart.   To live a full life and at the end be absolutely content?  That is something only God can give. 
After Opa retired he worked part time at Modern Decor and would bring home piles of old samples of  drapery fabric.  Oma, sewed all of these into pillow quilts.  Most everyone in our family got one.  I used mine for years as a quilt on my bed  It was warm and cozy and unique.  She sewed the pillows by machine and then hand quilted it with green yarn to the blue backing.

I will miss my Opa, but it is a comfort to know that he is not just resting in peace, but that he is living in eternity with a new body and experiencing joy and freedom that we can only dream about here on earth!  Love you Opa!

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