Festival of Quilts

This weekend I went to Calgary for the Festival of quilts at Heritage Park. It was fantastic! I loved the venue and all the quilts! I was so inspired to try new techniques and to get working on some of the quilts that I have in progress. Loved it!

Part of the charm of a quilt show at Heritage Park is the super cool atmosphere! The quilts hanging from balconies of old buildings and houses. Quilts in the yards of the historic homes. Quilts hanging on the clothes lines between trees near the huge red barns.

The colors and uniquesness of the quilts were a treat for anyone who loves color and design!

There were some amazing art quilts as well. These are only a few of my favorites but there were quite a few spectacular designs.

Once again this year my personal favorite of the show was a New York Beauty. The jewel tones in the quilt are perfect. The curved border is unique and awesome. And the quilting is perfectly done with exquisite detail. I could look at this quilt for an hour and still love it!

Finally we hit the merchants tent…. Let’s just say I did a bit of damage to my wallet and added generously to my fabric stash!



  1. I went to this quilt show years ago when I lived in Calgary; I love how they display all the quilts. I think I know who quilted that New York Beauty; she used to live in Calgary and is here on the island now.

    Great bunch of goodies!

  2. oh my this looks like fun! Love the adds to your stash!

  3. The New York Beauty was a real beauty, wasn't it? Looks like you had a ball!

  4. I was there too! It was a wonderful day :)

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