Terrain Lattice Quilt

So I whipped up something new this week! It’s a pattern I found on Pinterest and the tutorial was at Ashley’s blog, Mommy by day Quilter by night. I used my new Terrain fabric by Kate Spain. I thought this lovely stuff was totally sold out, but low and behold! I found some at the quilt festival last weekend! Then as luck would have it I found some matching yardage from that line at a quilt shop in Calgary!

This was a fun quilt to make and it only took me 3 evenings and one short afternoon.

My goodness it feels good to be back doing more sewing (and blogging)! I enjoyed piecing the bright colors and seeing the quilt come together. I still love my new design wall as well! Doesn’t the quilt look great hanging up there?

I added borders in the same way that Ashely did in her quilt. I used a 2.5″ purple inner border and then just top and bottom 8″ outer pieces in the fuscha print. Do you want to know the hardest part of the whole quilt? Piecing together the top and bottom strips! I needed a 66″ long piece but of course fabric is only 44 wide and so I wanted to carefully match up the pattern so that my seam wouldn’t be visible. I think it turned out pretty good after a couple of try’s. If you look close, it’s not perfect, but then maybe you shouldn’t really be looking that close anyways!

I laid the finished top out to take a photo and my cat Megan ran right over to sit on it. Check out the look she gave me! It’s like “This one is mine, back off'”. Ha! Well we shall see about that. :)

Coming up next? RETREAT! RETREAT! That’s right, there’s a quilt retreat at SMT this weekend! I’m off work for Friday and Saturday and I will be spending all day Sunday there as well! I can’t wait! You know I love retreats and so you can guarantee that I will keep you posted with the daily going-ons. Stay tuned!



  1. LOVE this one Kerrie!! :)

  2. oh your quilt is downright beautiful! What a nice pattern for your Terrain!

  3. Debbie is so right- this pattern is perfect for the fabric! It's lovely!

  4. I always love how Terrain looks made up in a quilt! You picked the perfect pattern. I was at the same Quilt Festival and saw those layer cakes too!

  5. You couldn’t have chose a lovlier fabric collection! I love the vibrant colors. Reminds me of the summer flowers that will be bursting out with color in the weeks ahead. Hope you have a wonderful time at your retreat.

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