The last day of the Retreat

It never seems to fail. The last day of the retreat always comes so quickly; the hours just fly by and it’s time to pack up. I didn’t get finished all that I had planned, but I certainly got a lot accomplished. Particularly on Friday, when I did all four of the backings and bindings. That is one of those jobs that often gets left till the last minute, but now I have all those quilts ready for sandwiching and quilting!

Today I finished piecing the blocks of the Reunion quilt (formerly known as You Zig I’ll Zag, I changed the name since my layout neither zigs nor zags). I added the setting triangles and the borders as well. All of which took most of the day.

After I got home, I made a label and pieced the backing. This is the picture above in the lower right hand corner. This quilt turned out to be a lot bigger then I expected. However, I think the recipient (who shall not be named) will appreciate it this size. It would make for a large couch quilt or even a twin bed or small queen bed quilt. At any rate, I’m hopping that the recipient person gets lots of use out of it!

The other ladies were busy as well today. These are two of the finishes today: a BoxTrot quilt, and yet another Jelly Roll quilt (made from Good Fortune by Kate Spain).

Kelly work so hard lining up all the sashing on this adorable Me & My Sister quilt that I had to include a picture of her with her quilt! Does anyone beside me totally appreciate the great work on the directional border she made? I love it!

With that, another retreat has come and gone. I came home rather exhausted and after packing in my supplies and putting everything away in my sewing room I took a little rest to watch TV. Then I found myself thinking about one more quilt that I wanted to make this weekend that I never got too… The next thing I knew I was up in my sewing room cutting into these beauties! Wait until you see the simple loveliness of this quilt! I only just got started tonight, but perhaps this week I will reveal the finished quilt top!



  1. I think the Reunion quilt looks great, even though it’s not the I’ll zig you zag” you had originally planned. Good work!

  2. You crack me up! Neither Zig’s nor Zag’s… or maybe it just got stuck on zig and never switched over to zag?

    • Yes that’s true! I was going to call it My Zig quilt because it no longer zags but I didn’t think anyone would get it! Lol but I should have expected you to catch on!

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