Arranging the day

This morning I crawled up the ladder first thing to start arranging my blocks on the design wall. Whew! That can be hard work and get stressful if you let it. I could have spent the whole day trying to arrange the colors just right, making them random and yet evenly spaced. I spent about an hour or two, tried to take my time without over thinking it. There are enough different fabrics (33) in these blocks so almost any arrangement will look scrappy. I'm pretty please with how it turned out.

I put labeled pins on each row so that when it was time to go home I could collect them all and not lose track of the arrangement.

While I was slowly sewing each block and row together my mom was diligently finishing her third bag of the weekend! This one had two zippers which she tackled with no problems! Check it out!

Here is a recap of all three bags mom made this weekend. I'm definitely going to be making the center one I think!

It was a shorter day then the last two and we started to pack up around 4:30pm. I finished 4 out of the 14 rows. I was originally planning to use this quilt as a bedspread but I'm not sure it's going to be big enough. Anyways, it's still going to be a good size…I don't really know why I'm complaining about not having more blocks to press and square! Lol. This quilt really shows my taste in fabrics I think. I love the colors and the way they all go together!

Now that the retreat is over I have several other quilts to get quilted so this one will rest for a bit. Tonight I already got started on a quilt using some knew patterns that I learned form Angela Walters book, Free-Motion Quilting. It's a fantastic book! Here's a sneak peak of what I started tonight.



  1. awesome quilt Kerrie and a fun weekend

  2. Love your quilt-in-progress! Hope Valley is one of my all time favorites. And your FMQ is gorgeous… I think I need this book!

    Jennifer :)

    • Thanks Jennifer! Angela Walters FMQ book is so worth it! And I agree, I didn’t know how much nicer Hope Valley is in person compared to what you see online! I also love it!:)

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