Reunion Quilt

I finished this quilt for my brother-in-law this week. His birthday was actually at the end of June but he was out east boxing (he’s a professional boxer amoung other things!) and I was also away in Phoenix. So as it turns out I gave him his birthday present last night. I realized that he has been part of our family for over 10 years now (maybe even 12 years?) and although he has quilts that my mom or I have made for his family, no one had every made a quilt him, start to finish with only him in mind.

Jamie is one of the most disciplined guys I know. Since he first started hanging around our family way back when my sister was still in high school he has been involved in boxing. With the exception of a short break while they lived in PEI for 4 years he has consistently trained, coached, and fought in the sport of boxing. I’m not going to lie… It drives me crazy! I don’t know how my sister doesn’t have a heart attack from anxiety every time he steps in the ring. Still, one thing I will give him, he is a true athlete! I have seen him train hard up to 8 times a week (that’s right, twice on Saturdays) for a fight. Even when he’s in a downtime he works out running or sparring. In fact he’s won several 5km races in the times between boxing matches. Not only that but the man is consistent, even on holidays. When their family went to Phoenix this spring he found a club in Tempe and continue to train.

You may also know that I have been working to get healthier lately and lose some weight myself (13lbs so far!) and Jamie’s dieting and weight control are inspiring. That guy can turn down a dessert and control his diet to make weight for a fight like nobodies business! I don’t think that will ever be me, but it is impressive to see his discipline in this. Jamie has a wife who adores him and a son who looks up to him as a hero.

So because of all that, and just because I love him, I wanted to making him a quilt of his own. I chose this fabric and pattern for him.
I have been really working on my machine quilting skills again, and so for this quilt I thought I’d step it up a notch and try some custom quilting instead of the all over design. I did loop-d-loops in the center area and then fans in the inset triangles. I added large loops in the small green border and a continuous feather design in the outer border.

I wanted to be fun, so I added a little green piece in the binding. Jamie is a very, likes-things-simple kind of guy, so I didn’t want to go too crazy, but I thought this added a little interest. I, of course, pieced a backing and added a label. The final touch was a little tag I stitch into the binding to remind him that we love him! I bought those tags in Phoenix last month and they will probably be apart of most of my quilts from now on.

I absolutely love the way this quilt turned out! The fabric is a bit silky so it’s nice and soft. I’m super pleased with how the quilting turned out as well. Even though this is the quilt that was intended to be the You Zig I’ll Zag quilt, I’m still quite happy with my only zigging version! ;) I found this pattern on the Moda Bake Shop blog here, and I used Sweetwaters line of fabric called Reunion (hence the name I gave it).

This afternoon I’m heading over to SMT for another in-house retreat! Looking forward to some more uninterrupted time of sewing. I plan to start cutting out a new lattice quilt for my bed today I think.



  1. I think the quilt looks wonderful!..I wouldn’t have known about the lack of zagging if I hadn’t seen the pattern. It’s great!

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