Sew and Press, Sew and Press

Once again I'm spending the weekend at a quilt retreat! SMT has started having more regular in-house retreats and so of course I signed up! This weekend I don't have plans to make a lot of quilts but rather to work on a couple of bigger projects.

Today I started my Lovely Lattice quilt. I bought this pattern and fabric in Calgary at a shop called Out of Hand. I loved it immediately when I saw the sample! So first things first, I laid out the fabrics and read over the pattern. Looked pretty simple.

Well, the cutting actually went pretty quickly and before I knew it I had a stack of 340 triangles and 170 strips. I did a lot of sewing of triangles to strips today! It wasn't too terribly monotonous though because there were so many different fabrics to keep things interesting. This quilt is going to turn out nice and scrappy with over 33 different prints.

I sewed and pressed and sewed and pressed until 10pm and I am still not quite done all the blocks! I left with a stack of chain pieced blocks ready to be pressed and a little bundle of beautiful cut-offs.

Mom was working on on a super cute lighthouse bag when I arrived at the shop at noon. I think the handles are especially unique and really make this bag cool!

She also worked on a BQ quilt today using some great Asian print fabrics. This quilt actually proved a bit tricky because of the directional center block. I really like the way it's turned out so far. She still may add a red outer border but she hasn't decided for sure yet. The whole thing looks beautiful all together, don't you think?

There were lots of other projects on the go today as well. Here are four of the finished tops that other quilters completed.

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