Trimmed up to perfection!

If yesterday was the day of sewing and pressing, today was the day of pressing and trimming. I finished the last few of the blocks in the morning and ending up with a giant stack of blocks. I used this handy little gypsy cutter to separate the long chain. There are so many little gadgets that us quilters use, eh?

The rest of the afternoon I spent pressing the blocks. I was using a little Rowena iron on a pressing board that was on top of my cutting mat. Apparently 4 hours of pressing will warp your cutting mat, even through a pressing board! Who knew? So now I guess I'm buying a new cutting mat!

There was a lot of visiting and chatting and wandering over to the quilt shop today. In the evening I got back to work and starts trimming up all 170 blocks. Whew! I really think there should be a masseuse on call for these retreats, you know, just to come over and loosen up our shoulder and back muscles as needed! It took me till 11pm to finished them all. I took my time to make sure that the lattice strip was exactly in the center of each block. To help with this I added some marking tape to my ruler. It worked quite well actually.

So that's it. That all I got done today. Pressing and trimming. :) Tomorrow though I will lay out and arrange the blocks and begin sewing the rows together!

My mom, on the other hand, was extremely productive! She finished off this Asian BQ quilt amazingly! I'm so glad she decided to go with the red outer border because I think it looks fabulous!

After that she whipped up a super cute yellow messenger type bag using Flea Market Fancy fabrics. Don't you just love it? I think it's ridiculously awesome. I will be “borrowing” this pattern because I think I have some canvas that's begging to be made into this bag!

Here are two other quilt tops that were finished today. Lots of others made significant progress but these two were completed.

We also took part in a couple of fun activities today. We had a show and tell time which was cool. We all brought our first quilt ever, our favorite quite we've made, and our latest completed quilt. I brought my paper pieced cat and a flannel baby quilt I made for my first quilts. For my favorite quilt I brought my Friends for Christmas quilt. It is one of my only large appliquéd quilts and I'm quite proud of it. As for my lasted quilt I guess that would be the Reunion quilt that I made for Jamie. Since I already gave this quilt away I brought in my Box of Chocolates quilt.

All of the quilts that were shown we're awesome I thought! It was so much fun to see where everyone started, what they have recently made, and what their favorites were. It was a great idea for the retreat I think! These are only four of the quilts that we're brought in as a sample.

Today we also did another great activity. We were all asked to make a 10.5″ square and bring it in but keep which block was ours a secret. Then we had to guess who made each block. The one who got the most right got to take home all the blocks. I did terrible at this game. I only got mine and one other one right! Oops! I hope we do this activity again and have even more people participate! Here are the five blocks that were contributed. Can you guess which one I made?


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