Clothesline Bag

Well I finally finished it! Almost anyways… The main bag is done. I just have to add handles and possibly a lining. So here it is!

This should have only taken about 2 hours, but I think I spent like 10 on it because first I had bobbin issues (bobbin issues are the worst!) and then I got out of control and brought it in too tight and made it way to tall. It was more like an umbrella holder then a bag! So I picked out the whole last 2 hours of work and when I was totally covered in half a spool of thread I started again.

I ended up cutting my clothes line off when the bag was 11″ tall as the pattern suggested this time. Also I didn't try to pull it in tighter at the top, because that just looked weird. Since I cut off the clothesline I had a bunch left over so I made a couple of bowls. They turned out pretty well I think.

Well there you have it! I shall update you all with pictures when I finish the handles and maybe the lining… I don't think I want to add a lining though, we shall see.


  1. Tina Sauers says:

    no lining! love all of it!

  2. Janet Schwandt says:

    great job kerrie all around.
    thanks also for your support.

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