Pincushions, Clotheslines, Hope Valley, and Peacock Lane

I had the last week off work and I certainly filled it with plenty of sewing and quilting!

Last Friday and Saturday I finished quilting my Pink Twister and I cut striped binding on the bias for it. That was a bit more of a challenge the I expected to be honest! I'm still working on hand stitching the binding (I'm about half done) so I will share pictures of the finished project soon.

Next up, I taught my first every quilting class! I have been on the schedule as a teacher for over a year but only this week did I finally have a class that ran! I taught the cathedral window quilt block technique. A lot of folding and pressing and surprisingly little sewing. We made one block and sewed them into a pincushion. I've made 4 of these so far, as well as about 14 blocks in this technique as part of a quilt top. I'm sure this quilt top will be in progress for the next 10 years… Anyways, here's the sample pincushion that I made for my class!

I was determined to finish the Hope Valley Lattice quilt this week. I'm pleased to report that on Thursday morning I did just that! I was debating adding a border but I've decided this quilt is more effective just as it is. I have a grey/black binding for it and I think that will finish it off nicely! Now of course the most difficult decision I have to make for every quilt, how to quilt it! I do have a few ideas, luckily, so hopefully I'll finish it this month.

Tomorrow is the second half of my clothesline purse class. Thank heavens I've finished wrapping all the clothesline! My gosh that was a long and arduous task. It doesn't look like much all wrapped up but hopefully tomorrow it will begin to turn into a purse!

You would think I would be satisfied after all that… But I still figured that after a week off work I should have a new quilt to brag about! I bought this Peacock Lane Fabric by Violet Craft from about 4 different Etsy shops. I saw the line advertised one day while reading some blogs and felt I needed it for my stash. Unfortunately for me it came out a couple of years ago and it was impossible to find a whole stack of it. Hence I put together all that I could find from four different Etsy shops that had remnants. I ended up gathering a good collection of it and one night I realized that I had the perfect pattern for it. I downloaded this free pattern from the Art Gallery Fabrics website a while back and this seemed like a great use for these fabrics.

All right, I hate to complain about a pattern I got for free… But seriously! There were so many mistakes in this pattern! Like at least 10! Instructions were left out. Misinformation about the size of components. The wrong number of squares to cut. And flat out wrong calculations for the HST's. Ok. Now that I've got that off my chest… It all ended up working out, although it would be a mistake for a beginner quilter (or someone weak in math) to attempt to follow this pattern. Ahhhh! So I did it! I started around 9pm on Thursday, and finished at 1am on Saturday… 26 hours, including sleeping, eating and watching my nephew graduate from Salamander to Sunfish in swimming lessons! The result of all this creativity and mathematics was this pile.

Alright, alright… Without further adu! Here it is! I call it Peacock Lane Starlight.

It's a lovely pattern for showcasing large prints. Some of the large squares are14″x14″ so you can appreciate lots of the great fabric! As you can see the quilt is too large even (its 80″ x 80″) to lay out on my landing. I would have taken it outside for picture, but it was 1am and I wanted to include it in this post I made due with this shot. I must say, I'm really pleased with how it turned out! Nice and scrappy, rich vibrant color, and stars… All things that I love!

Whew! Well if that wasn't enough I bought some new fabric from the Kona solids that arrived at SMT to make the Slap Happy quilt by Carolina Patchwork. Who wouldn't want to make a quilt called Slap Happy? I know, no one! ;) It will probably be a while before I get around to making this but I was inspired to get the fabrics when I saw them!

It's a bit embarrassing to put all this stuff in one post. But I'm going to do it anyways! I love quilting! It's my passion and my joy! So naturally I suppose I should use this week off to get lots of things finished! Here is the photo collage of the things I've done since Friday last!



  1. great job Kerrie! I LOVE the way Peacock lane turned out!!

    It’s so disappointing about that pattern. You did an EXCELLENT job of it, but someone new to quilting like me, would have been completely lost with instructions like that. Free or not, if someone puts out a pattern they should take care to make it mistake free – and if mistake free is too much work for free, then charge for it, most people would be HAPPY to pay for a well done pattern.

  2. Thank you Jackie! And yes, I definitely would have paid for a mistake free pattern. However, I have now brushed up on my geometry and I could probably make a quilt like that without a pattern after all that! So I guess I’m the better for it. :)

  3. Kerrie you are a machine…..I realy love all your creations……the pin cushsion is very cute……I could use one….maybe I could get a pattern?

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