Pink Twister

Finished! It only took a mere year and a half! I started this quilt in January 2011 and finished the top shortly after that. Then it was added to pile of tops waiting to be quilted… where it stayed until this summer. I told my sister that my goal was to have all my 2011 quilt tops quilted before 2013. She laughed. It's a lofty goal seeing as I do have a 6 day a week job, but I'm still going to try!

So I pieced the flannel backing with twister stars and added my official label to this quilt for the first time! I had custom labels made at with my blog header as a feature! This is the first quilt that has one on it!

I tried a new quilting technique as well. The lady at the Bernina store sold my mom and I a special chording foot (again, about a year ago) and I bought chord to quilt the borders of this quilt at that time. After a bit of swearing I got it working quit well! I'm pleased with how this added a bit of interest to my my quilt. In the main center panel I did large meandering FMQ.

I also attempted a striped binding cut on the bias. I've always liked the look of the bias striped binding so I tried it! I'm sure there are simpler methods to cut this than I used but non-the-less, I got the job done! I think it looks really cool!

Well there you have it! A quilt that took about 2 weeks of work but a year an a half to complete!


  1. Love it!

  2. Janet Schwandt says:

    awesome job kerrie

  3. I love the “splashes” of pink in this one!!

  4. I really like this quilt a lot!. The colors you used are great! Nice work!

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