Peacock Lane

It has been a very emotional but quiet long weekend at my house. My sister and my parents all left for the mountians for the weekend and other friends were also camping, so I had plenty of time by myself. On Friday I spent 4 hours with my Grandma getting her settled in for her first night in a care facility. It's tough to see Grandma like this but it was really comforting to see what a great place it was. Then early Saturday morning I was awaken by fire trucks. Two of my neighbors homes (one condo over) burned down. It was rather a scary shock when I saw the damage in the morning. I was very lucky that my condo did not retain any heat damage but about six condos around those two that were on fire sustained significant damage. No one was hurt in the blaze, everyone was able to get out in time. I was so thankful to be alright but very saddened to see the loss of two families homes.

The shock of what had happened so close to me made me change my Saturday plans and stay home for the day. I got lots of quilting done on my Ascent quilt. I'm pretty excited about how it's turning out. I only have one more section to quilt but I haven't decided what pattern to use yet. Here's a sneak peak!

I visited Grandma twice more this weekend. She seems to be settling in and I'm getting to know a few of the other residents around her. After lunch on Sunday I decided that I needed to get away for a bit of relaxation out at my family cabin. I have spent the last day and a half doing a lot of reading out on the deck and in front of the fireplace. I officially finished books 10 and 11 of the 16 Book Summer Challenge this weekend and I've started books 12 and 13 today. I am really enjoying books by Elizabeth Elliot. I'm already on the third one of hers and I have at least two others that I would like to read as well!

When I wasn't reading I spent my time finishing the hand stitching on the binding of my Peacock Lane quilt. I absolutely love this quilt! I took advantage of my scenery to take a bunch of pictures of it tonight. I think these are much more fun them my usual front lawn and fence pictures of my quilts!

So there you have it! My lovely! over-sized, star sampler made with the beautiful fabric, Peacock Lane, by Violet Craft that I scrounged for from 4 different etsy sellers! I hope you all also had time this weekend to unwind. What started out as a rather stressful weekend has finished off with a great time of quiet relaxation.



  1. Janet Schwandt says:

    I love it, you did an awesome job and I love the fabic, great job

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