Merry Moosemas Heather!

I have a cousin who loves Christmas. No, I mean she really loves Christmas! Like on November first her Christmas decorations go up! Heather is actually married to my cousin Tyrel so I guess she's a cousin-in-law, but really she's just as good as any first cousin… Maybe better! Wait, I don't think you are supposed to rank your cousins… Anyways, I love her and her family! She has two adorable daughters and of course Tyrel, my cousin. He and I have always been quite close, especially after high school. So anyways, all that to say that their family is special to me and so when I saw this fabric online I knew exactly who it belonged to! I ordered up the fabric in August, downloaded the pattern, and aimed to be finished before the end of October.

It was a fun quilt to make! Of course, first I cut a whole section of present blocks wrong and had to re-make 4 of the blocks. But really, I don't think you become a good quilter until you've picked out (or un-sewn) your fair share of blocks. I haven't determined what my fair share is yet… I still pick out some on every project I make!

So without further adieu, I give you, Merry Moosemas!

I particularly love the moose riding mopeds!

On the back I used one of my wrongly cut present blocks as the label.

I quilted it with large looping meanders and I added in the names of all the family members to make it specially personalized for them!

For the last few months our family has been caring for our grandma who moved from her home and into the hospital and finally into a seniors home. She has been living with kidney disease and has been on dialysis for the last 4 years. This week she has taken a turn for the worse. I am so grateful for the time I have spent with her. Over the last 3 months I have visited with her every week and spent some good quality time with her walking and sitting with her. Now it seems she may be coming to the end of a long road and although I am away in Arizona my heart is with her. I know she knows I love her because we have told each other on many occasions in the last few weeks and even the day before I left. I am so grateful for my family, like my mom and sister who are there with her now. I am at peace about what is happening. I will miss her, because she is so special to me, but I know where her soul is heading. So in this post about Christmas quilts and family, I will end by saying “I love you grandma!”, and picturing her waving at me through the kitchen window on 13th Street….

Grandma and I on the day she moved into Sunnyside, August 31, 2012

picture taken by my sister Jackie on Monday November 5, 2012



  1. heatherpahl says:

    oh kerrie <3 ………

  2. Beautiful all around Kerrie – your love of family is SO evident – in your words, your quilts, you acts of kindness. Prayers for your grandma and your family – it is never easy to say goodbye to someone so dear.

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