Peppermint Frenzy

I started my Christmas quilt for this year in July with a Pinterest board for ideas. My criteria? Something BIG! I wanted a king sized quilt that would cover my whole bed like a bedspread and be wintery in design without screaming “It's Christmas time!”, because I wanted to use it is a bedspread for 3 or 4 months of winter. Also, it had to have minky on the back. I have been loving the comfy, warm, and snuggly feel of quilts backed with minky. I like the weight of them and the soft silky feel. I choose the pattern, Peppermint Frenzy by Basic Grey. I loved the new fabric they put out for Christmas as well, Blitzen! So there you go. I picked the pattern and all the fabric in September and began.

The pattern is basically a whole lot of HST made into pinwheels… Like a gazillion of them! I took my time and slowly got them all done.

Even before the border was on, the quilt was way to big to even fit on my largest floor space! So I took the quilt to moms house to sandwich.

The whole quilt was 110″x110″ and with the backing being 10″ bigger than that still, I needed a huge floor space and every single safety pin I owned to baste it!

I was really hoping to make this quilt a well used winter bedspread that would last a very long time so I spent quite a while thinking about what quilting pattern to use. I finally settled on something I'd actually never done before, a paisley pattern. I looked at a few designs other people had done and read the suggestions for this pattern that Angela Walters gives in her book, and then practiced a bit before starting on the quilt. I changed thread colours as I went to match the rings of colour. Of course I used my lovely Aurifil 50wt threads. I'm really really happy this how the quilting turned out! Considering how huge the quilt was I actually really enjoyed quilting it… Even with the not-so-helpful helper, Sophie the cat!

I did a simple feather in the border. I've been struggling with the more complicated feather designs with a stem so I tried this one and it seemed to flow much easier. I really like the look of this for this quilt and it went well with the paisley pattern but I'm still determined to master the traditional feather at some point!

I made my label on the computer using the fabric I had printed at Spoonflower. I like these labels a lot and it was totally worth it to have these made.

So here it is!!! I finished it just one day before I left for Arizona for Christmas! Check it out!

Even Megan loves it! :)



  1. Your quilt is fantastic and you can pin your quilt at my house anytime, you can also use my pins, lol

  2. Wow! This is so beautiful! Your quilting is fantastic!

  3. This is absolutely Beautiful! Is the quilting all done on a regular machine? Or a long arm?

  4. Beautiful !

  5. Fantastic! I can’t believe you wrangled all that size … and so heavy with the minky … on your home machine. AND ENJOYED IT! Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine!

    • I think the key is that I have a machine with a large throat and a big sewing desk to handle all the bulk without getting to overwhelmed!

  6. That’s lovely! I really like the colour combo. Great finish.

  7. Lovely! This is such a great pattern!

  8. This is so pretty! Can I ask how big you made your blocks and how wide your border was?

    • Thank you Marleen! I believe the blocks were 10″ and the border was 5″. approximately. the finished size of the quilt was 110″ by 110″. The pattern for the quilt provides sizing for 3 different dimensions. It by Basic Grey :)

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