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So this is what I have been doing lately. I've been trying to get different projected finished, stated a few new projects and even learned how to crochet! Yup, I decided to learn crochet over Christmas! Since I have never been much for hand sewing (except for bindings of course) I thought it might be great to learn a craft that is slightly more portable then quilting. I was inspired by an afghan I saw on Pinterest and Mom and I started crocheting while we were in Phoenix. This is called the Blackberry Salad Afgan. Mine is the one on the top and Mom's is below. I left this project in Phoenix so that I have something to work on when I go there.

Since then I've been practicing and I've made a few more projects.

I also went to a weekend quilt retreat in January and I cut into my prized Chickopee fabric! I am making this into a kaleidoscope quilt from the Curio pattern by Basic Grey.

Putting these blocks together is going to take a lot of time and pinning to get the points to match so I'm waiting to work up the ambition to start that.

Also at the January retreat I used a Cuzco jelly roll and made this quilt top called Lost City by Kate Spain.

I spent a lot of time quilting my Stepping Stones quilt in January. I made this quilt top in 2011… Yes it took me that long to get around to quilting it! What can I say? Anyways, I'm pretty happy with the design I finally choose. I still have to finish up the binding and then I will, at long last, reveal the finished quilt. For now I will show you a teaser picture. :)

I have also started the Jaybird Quilts brand new block of the month quilt, Toes in the Sand! When this pattern was first announced my sister (Jackie, and my mom and I all knew we had to do this! So I got on the waiting list and waited for the pattern to be released. In the meantime, we each chose fabrics. I am using Pat Bravo's Indie fabric with Bella Solids Mushroom for the background. Jackie also picked a line by Pat Bravo, she combined Oval Elements and Pure Elements. Mom has not fulling decided but I think she should use the new fat quarter stacks of Kaffe Fassets 2012 line (hint hint!). Mom is enjoying the sun in Arizona at the moment and so she will catch up when she gets back. Last weekend, Jackie and I got started and made the first two blocks… Well triangles actually! I think perhaps this should be called the triangle of the month quilt!

Finally, this weekend I finished the last two blocks of my Swoon quilt! Yup, I bet you all forgot I was working on that since I stated it over a year and a half ago! So here it is, I hope to get it sewn together this week.

Now your all caught up on the going ons In My Sewing Room! Oh, and on a side note, did you notice that I mentioned my sister has started quilting? Well yes she has! She has already completed two whole quilts (she quilted them herself and everything!). She also made a table runner, and a whole swack of aprons for Christmas (I even got one!). Since Christmas she's finished another quilt top and she started two more quilts (Toes in the Sand, and Science Fair!)… I have to say she's well on her way to quickly becoming sucked in to the world of beautiful fabrics, rotary cutters, and sewing machines! I love it and Mom and I are so happy that she has joined our obsession hobby!



  1. kate spain says:

    Lovely fabric choices and work — especially your Lost City quilt! :)

  2. I love it all!!! The kaleidoscope is my favorite!!

  3. heatherpahl says:

    you know kerrie……..just when i dont think you can possibly get any more talented. here you go again! amazing.

  4. Gorgeous! Where did you find that Swoon pattern?

  5. everything looks great, I love it all, you are amazing, I can’t wait to get back and sew with my 2 girls:)

  6. I love your Lost City quilt! Have it on my list to make it this spring. Great projects you’ve been working on!

  7. LOVE your chicopee quilt!! All of your projects are gorgeous, as always :o)

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