New York Beauty Table Topper

Here it is!  I finished this beauty this morning and it couldn’t be a more perfect day for pictures!


New York Beauty


I originally saw this layout at the Heritage Park Quilt Festival in Calgary in 2011 and I started making the blocks.  Finally, 2 years later, there were all finished and I was able to start quilting!  I used 50wt Aurifil colours for both the quilting and the piecing… have I mentioned that I love Aurifil?  I’m totally addicted to them!  The colours are beautiful, the weight of the thread is perfect and it quilts so beautifully with my Bernina!



I had lots of fun quilting this one!  It’s so nice to do detailed designs when you only have a small project to work on.  I started with a feather pattern in the corner pieces, then I added a swirl in the points with pebbles in the background.  For the centre pie pieces I did  echo circles and then finally flowers in the centre squares!  :)

IMG_5015 IMG_5016 IMG_5017 IMG_5018 IMG_5019 IMG_5020 IMG_5021


I made a tiny label for this quilt with an iron-on transfer and some coloured fabric pens.  In case it’s hard to read in this picture, the label says,” Mini quilts are tiny treasures”.


I am not a fan of making binding that goes around inside corners so instead I sewed the backing and batting right-sides together and turned the quilt inside out so avoid the binding.  I like it this way though because the quilt is already pretty busy and I’m not sure what I would have bound it with anyways. IMG_5027IMG_5026IMG_5025

So here you have the finished project!  IMG_5028IMG_5023

This mini quilt looks so nice out in the sunshine, but for the rest of the spring it will be here, to make my kitchen bright!



  1. wow,wow so much work! nice work ,i love it

  2. Sew beautiful! I like the idea of not binding for a table topper. Looks good and no thicker “edge”. Lays nice and flat. I love your bold colours. I have this pattern printed off but……..well you know havent sewn it yet.

  3. your table topper/mini quilt is beautiful. is there any way I can find the pattern/

    • I didn’t really have a pattern Pam. I used “Foundation by the Yard” to make the New York Beauty squares (I think its made by Benartex fabric) and then just made my own layout after something similar that I saw at a quilt show. :)

  4. I so love this! And your quilting is fabulous!

  5. It’s beautiful! The quilt is called New York Roundabout which I designed for Benartex Fabrics, for use with their pre-printed foundations. You can see more pictures on my blog (type in the name of the quilt in the search box.) You did a spectacular job with it! ~Karen

  6. Absolutely stunning!! I just ordered a kit for this but have never used the foundation fabric before. Still a little confused. I know you cut the squares apart on the dotted line. Do you then sew all the sections in the squares, then cut apart and sew sections A,B and C together? Thank you for any hints you can give me

    • Kathi, Sorry it took me a few days to replay. The answer is yes. You cut out all three components (a, b, and C) I sewed fabric on to the plain curved sections (a and c I believe) at a 1/8 seam and then after you’ve pieced the b block you sew all the sections together. For curved pieces I recommend a lot of pins. Start with a pin on each side and then work towards the middle. It will feel all jumbled up at first as you sew but once you press it open it works beautifully. I hope that helps a bit!

  7. This is stunning! Great work!

  8. Hi Kerrie… trying to find an email for you… could you write back? I’m writing from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop in Toronto.

  9. WOW It’s absolutely lovely! The colours are fantastic. I love it!!!!

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