The Happy Hookers

I was just telling you how little sewing I’ve done this winter but I should let you know that I have been staying creative with a bit of crocheting.  I learned to crochet over Christmas with my mom and have been doing a little here and there lately.  When I encouraged my friend Sara to learn her mom gave her a book called, The Happy Hooker and she took off and has become a crochet queen overnight!

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 1.16.01 PM

My favourite thing about Sara crocheting is hanging out with her in the evening drinking wine and hooking!  I have decided to feature her projects on my blog since she has been making them and giving them away so fast I figured that she needed a reminder of the projects she’s made.

I have yet to gather pictures of all of her things but here is a little taste of what she has been up to!

She made these adorable pink booties for a little girl born to a friend recently!





Seriously!  How cute are those!  And you should see the baby that wears them!  Her name is Joyelle, and she is precious!

Sara and I have been working on a sampler afghan as well.  There are 63 different blocks.  We started out together but now of course she probably done about 30 of them and I’m only working on number 20.  She is making like a block a day I’m sure!  Here is a sample of a few that she’s done so far.



My mom is also working on the project and I think our friend Kyla plans to do this as well.  Here are a few of the blocks that I have done so far.



You should expect more updates from Sara soon!  I have seen several of the awesome baby blankets and such that she has made and I think they need to be shared with the blog world!


  1. YOU GUYS!!! Those squares look great!! I feel SO far behind. . . I have only done 1!!! Eeeek . . . LOVE them!!! Great job! And those little shoes are amazing (along with everything else Sara makes!)

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