Bendable Curves – Pinwheel Party

So way back, I can’t even remember when, maybe 5 years ago, I made this quilt top!  I found fabric that I loved and searched for a pattern that would work with these prints.  I found the pattern, Pinwheel Party,  in this book called Bendable Curves.Bendable Curves

It seemed like a great idea in the beginning but then this quilt turned in to a big ball of stress!  I cut, I sewed, I ripped out, sewed again, ripped out some more, threw some fabric in the corner, tried again, finally accepted it and just sewed the blocks together, added the borders, and then promptly folded it up and placed it on the shelf!  After I finished that quilt top I vowed to never do curved piecing again! Well, since then I have progressed and learned some secrets for doing curves and I’m not so afraid of curves anymore, but at the time that I made this quilt it was definitely beyond my skill set!  This label that I added to the back really say it all!Pinwheel Party by Kerrie Schwandt

This quilt top sat, un-quilted, on the shelf for years.  I had almost forgotten about it but then my mom reminded me and suggested that maybe I send it away to the quilter and get this one finally finished.  Normally I really prefer to quilt my own projects but in this case I thought it was better to just get it finished than keep it in the assembly line of quilts waiting to be quilted!  So I sent it off (with one other quilt top I’ll tell you about soon) and in 3 short weeks I had it back and I finished off the binding.

I was staying at my mom’s house when I got this quilt back and so here are some pictures of this on out in her back yard.

Pinwheel Party by Kerrie SchwandtPinwheel Party by Kerrie Schwandt


I had the quilter do a sort of swirling hook design.  I was pleased with how it turned out.  I think it follows the theme of the quilt and fades into the background, adding texture to the quilt.  Pinwheel Party by Kerrie Schwandt

I made this label on the green flannel backing way back when I just started labelling quilts.  I had also just got back from a Bernina class where I learned how to use this circle maker attachment thing and so I stitched my label right on using the preset lettering on my machine. I see now that it’s a bit hard to read, but oh well, lesson learned I guess!

Pinwheel Party by Kerrie Schwandt

Pinwheel Party by Kerrie SchwandtPinwheel Party by Kerrie Schwandt




I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t pick these fabrics again now because my taste and styles have changed but I probably would be silly enough to try this pattern again!  That’s just how I am, I like to challenge myself!  Seeing the quilt as a whole all finished I think it actually looks pretty good though!  I am doing my best to look at the overall effect and forcing my OCD-self to over look all the terribly poor points that don’t match or overlap in the centres of the pinwheels.  I often hear quilters say to me, “Just relax!  Quilting is not an exact science!”.  However my scientific and mathematical mind has trouble with that!.  One of the things I love about quilting is the perfect geometry of the blocks and nothing gives me more pleasure then a perfectly matched up point!  Pinwheel Party by Kerrie Schwandt


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