Well, I have finally reached the capacity of my sewing room!  I have fabric and kits stashed everywhere and I have gotten to the point where there are things that I love but they have been sitting untouched for years and it’s time to let them go.  In the time since I bought some of these things my style has changed and I have gotten new things and have new projects in mind to make, and these have gotten shuffled further down the massive list of things to do.  Also, since the flood, I have realized that in my house I have too much stuff in general.  So because of all that I am starting to downsize, reorganize, and simplify.  FromMyQuiltingStashFromMyQuiltingStash

This leads me to the reason for my post.  I have opened up an Etsy shop called FromMyQuiltingStash!  I have put a lot of my prized quilt kits and fabric up for sale.  I hope that perhaps other people will be inspired to use the fabric or make the quilts that I have just not gotten around to making.  I have everything priced at really reasonable prices and I am happy to ship anywhere in the world!.  FromMyQuiltingStashFromMyQuiltingStashFromMyQuiltingStash

So If you are looking for some pre cuts (layer cakes, charm packs, or jelly rolls) or if you are looking for inspiration from a new quilt kit, check out my shop and see if you would like to provide a home for something from my sewing room! These photo’s are things that can be found in my shop along with 37 other items!DSCN5828DSCN5819DSCN5815DSCN5803



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