Friends through a Flood

It's been 45 days now. On Friday, June 21 I was evacuated from my home, and on Sunday June 23 the river peaked. It was a one in one-hundred year flood. The 4th one we've had in 18 years (1995, 2005, 2010, & 2013). I knew I was in the flood zone but I never expected to get any damage….

Seven days after I was evacuated they finally opened my area and allowed people to go to their homes with flood inspectors. When I got there I discovered 2 feet of sewage and water in my basement. I was not given occupancy as my home was not safe to live in. So for the next several days I had volunteers helping me clean out my possessions from the basement. Absolutely everything that touched sewage had to be discarded. The next day the demolition crew arrived to tear everything out right down to concrete and studs.

So that's what happened. I never thought disaster would reach my home, my safe place, my refuge, but it did. I didn't think I could handle it, but I did. My heart was hurt but not broken. Friends and family stood by my side. We saw the community rally around one another and help with everything from shovelling sewage to providing bag lunches to the workers and offering places to stay for the evacuee's. Despite the disaster, Gods grace abounded.

Karel and her family were also flood vicims. She lives about 8 blocks from me. Her and I go to the same church but through this common trial we got to know each other better. Their basement filled with sewage right up to the ceiling… It was a disaster. My heart broke for that family. I wanted to do something for her.

Our local quilt shop was offering to make quilts for flood victims and I knew I wanted to make one specifically for Karel. So I made this Boxed Up quilt for Karel.

For the quilting I did large swirls.

It was a great day when I went to her home to give it to her. She had been evacuatd from her home for 4 weeks and she had just been given occupancy. It will still be months before all our insurance claims come back and the rebuilding can begin. None-the-less, it is so nice to be back in your own home. I was just so happy to share that day with Karel and give her this quilt as a remembrance and something to grace her home in the aftermath.

I have been staying at my parent house for the last 6 weeks now but after a quick trip to Arizona this week I will be moving home too. My mom hand I have been good roommates though all this time. We have been sharing a sewing machine and I've got about 4 quilts finished up while being here. However I am really looking forward to being back in my own space, my home, in a week from now!



  1. It still amazes me that while you yourself were a flood victim, your first thought was “what can I do to help other victims?” You are a blessing to all who know you :)

  2. Exactly what Jackie said! You’re so kind. Beautiful quilt!

  3. Beautiful quilt, beautiful story, beautiful author.

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