Chicopee Kalidescope

This one is already one of my very favourite quilts! I love the colours and I love the pattern. I started piecing this quilt last winter and started quilting it on the day I was evacuated from my house because of the flood. After a couple weeks when I was able to go back I spent a few hours finishing it up. I did the binding while I was living with my mom and the. Took the photos after I moved back home in August. I took lots of pictures and I wanted to share them all, so here they are!

I really like the quilting pattern I did. It's an all over design of swirling leaves and vines.

I did bias striped binding and a pieced flannel backing.

Conveniently I used my new patio furniture for the pictures and I think they worked together just perfectly.



  1. Love it! As always your work is beautiful Kerrie :)

  2. Michele T says:

    Wow! Every little bit of it is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!! ps it seems that is matches perfectly with your new patio furniture… especially the table top!! I’d say that your quilt inpired that purchase! lol

  3. Beautiful work! A colourful comfort created during a stressful time. Love how the quilt goes with your patio furniture.

  4. The quilt is beautiful and so are the pictures!

  5. Beautiful quilt…perfect match of fabrics and pattern! And your photos are wonderful too!

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