Vintage Valentine

My mom made this needle turn appliqué quilt. She is amazing and hand quilting, which is something that I have no desire to do! But her specialty is embellishments and you'll notice that she added lots of cute buttons and whatnot to her project. I was so proud of all the work she did on this and I asked her for the privilege of quilting it for her. She agreed and I was more than happy to the finish of this quilt for her! It's called Vintage Valentine here are the pictures of the beautiful work she did!

I have been really practicing my feather quilting and I think I'm starting to get more confident with how it works. It took me quite a while to get the left side feathers and the right sides looking the same. Curves are also a challenge to get right but this quilt offered lots of opportunity to practice. I'm not a big fan of marking my quilts or sewing over chalked lines. So basically my strategy is to look ahead to a small section and plan out what I will do in my head and then go for it. After I think of an overall plan I tackle something like this in little chunks. My hope was that the quilting would enhance and highlight the beautiful work mom already did on this project. I think we achieved that! Mom is going to use this as a table topper for a while I think, and then perhaps we need to find her a good place to display it on a wall.



  1. Elsie Bulva says:

    Lovely work for you and your Mom

  2. Janet Schwandt says:

    thanks Kerrie for the work you did and the great compliments you gave me. You made the quilt look awesome, thank you so much.

  3. It is just beautiful! I am not familiar with this’s type of quilting. so nice you can do this with your Mother.

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