Pink Twister

Pink Twister - started this quilt in January 2011 and finished it after long last in Aug 2012

Finished! It only took a mere year and a half! I started this quilt in January 2011 and finished the top shortly after that. Then it was added to pile of tops waiting to be quilted… where it stayed until this summer. I told my sister that my goal was to have all my 2011 […]

Pincushions, Clotheslines, Hope Valley, and Peacock Lane

Cathedral Window Pincushion

I had the last week off work and I certainly filled it with plenty of sewing and quilting! Last Friday and Saturday I finished quilting my Pink Twister and I cut striped binding on the bias for it. That was a bit more of a challenge the I expected to be honest! I'm still working […]

Making Pressing Tables


Yesterday I made these four pressing tables! Thats right, pressing tables. Ironing boards are for clothes, pressing is what you do when quilting. Subtle difference I know, it's my geeky side showing I suppose. I was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest and I bought some wooden tv tray tables from WalMart to […]

Still in Progress


Yesterday I was asked what was happening with my clothesline bag. Well, I spent 4 hours sewing the fabric around the clothesline this weekend only to find I had way more fabric then clothesline! Rats! So now this project is on hold until I can track down another batch of cotton clothesline. Hey! Notice my […]

The Ghastlies

The Ghaustlies - July 2012

I started this quilt last October and finished it up this week. It's seems a bit strange to be working on a Halloween quilt in the middle of July! The pattern I used is BQ by Maple Island Quilts. I tried a bit more custom FMQ on this quilt. I did stars in the black […]

Clothesline Purse in progress


Oh why oh why did I think this would be fun to make? Probably because they are so darn cute when they're finished! I started last weekend and I sewed together an entire Bali pop (Mango Margarita) in a long row and ironed that in half lengthwise. It looked very pretty all wrapped up 2 […]

Summer Reading Challenge

Book Thief

One of my very good friends is a teacher and vice-principle at an elementary school (grades K-6).  Since she is off for the summer she has undertaken a challenge to read 40 books (adult or young readers) before the end of August!  Can you imagine?  That’s like a book every two days!  She has been […]

Swoon – Block 5


Yes, it has been ages since I’ve worked on my Swoon quilt! But I still love these huge bright blocks and I still plan to finish them all! Last summer I made 4 and yesterday I finally got out my pattern again and made a fifth block. This one features a fabric from Tula Pinks […]

Salt Air

Salt Air - made for my sister Jackie in July 2012

Finally! I can reveal this quilt that I first made about 2 months ago. I finished the quilting on it this week because it's a gift for my sister Jackie for her birthday. I was so pumped to give it to her! Jackie loves the ocean and the beach and so the fabric, Salt Air […]

Quilts are for Cuddling!


Check these out! This is the Reunion quilt that I made for my BIL Jamie. Those two cuties are my nephew and his buddy relaxing on a Friday night. These pictures just made my day and I wanted to share with you as well.   Posted with Blogsy