Arranging the day


This morning I crawled up the ladder first thing to start arranging my blocks on the design wall. Whew! That can be hard work and get stressful if you let it. I could have spent the whole day trying to arrange the colors just right, making them random and yet evenly spaced. I spent about […]

Trimmed up to perfection!


If yesterday was the day of sewing and pressing, today was the day of pressing and trimming. I finished the last few of the blocks in the morning and ending up with a giant stack of blocks. I used this handy little gypsy cutter to separate the long chain. There are so many little gadgets […]

Sew and Press, Sew and Press


Once again I'm spending the weekend at a quilt retreat! SMT has started having more regular in-house retreats and so of course I signed up! This weekend I don't have plans to make a lot of quilts but rather to work on a couple of bigger projects. Today I started my Lovely Lattice quilt. I […]

Reunion Quilt


I finished this quilt for my brother-in-law this week. His birthday was actually at the end of June but he was out east boxing (he’s a professional boxer amoung other things!) and I was also away in Phoenix. So as it turns out I gave him his birthday present last night. I realized that he […]

The Yukon Quest


I have a very close friend, Farrah, who is an elementary school teacher. She is originally from Northern BC and so she has introduced me to the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest, two amazing dog sled races that take place every year. She also uses these races in her classroom and draws on them for […]

The last day of the Retreat


It never seems to fail. The last day of the retreat always comes so quickly; the hours just fly by and it’s time to pack up. I didn’t get finished all that I had planned, but I certainly got a lot accomplished. Particularly on Friday, when I did all four of the backings and bindings. […]

Retreat Retreat!


I retreated again today! Day two of the quilt retreat. I was among the first people there and with the last group that left. We were sewing furiously all day! Best of all, I remembered to wear my traditional, pincushion ring! I don’t actually do much hand sewing at all, but my friend Brenda gave […]

14 hours of quilting!


It was a great first day of the retreat! I got tons of stuff done and enjoyed the company. The first project I did was a jelly roll quilt. This will be my third jelly roll quilt and I was thinking of keeping this one for myself this time, but now that it’s done I’m […]

Terrain Lattice Quilt

So I whipped up something new this week! It’s a pattern I found on Pinterest and the tutorial was at Ashley’s blog, Mommy by day Quilter by night. I used my new Terrain fabric by Kate Spain. I thought this lovely stuff was totally sold out, but low and behold! I found some at the […]

Festival of Quilts

This weekend I went to Calgary for the Festival of quilts at Heritage Park. It was fantastic! I loved the venue and all the quilts! I was so inspired to try new techniques and to get working on some of the quilts that I have in progress. Loved it! Part of the charm of a […]