Dots & Poppies


Ascend - Sept 2012

I finished my Ascend quilt officially on New Year's Day. I had been waiting for a specific fabric I wanted to use for the binding, but I actually finished the piecing and the quilting in September. Even though this quilt was a lot of work to put together with all the 2.5" strips I absolutely love … [Continue reading...]

Peppermint Frenzy

Peppermint Frenzy - Dec 2012

I started my Christmas quilt for this year in July with a Pinterest board for ideas. My criteria? Something BIG! I wanted a king sized quilt that would cover my whole bed like a bedspread and be wintery in design without screaming "It's Christmas time!", because I wanted to use it is a … [Continue reading...]

Merry Moosemas Heather!


I have a cousin who loves Christmas. No, I mean she really loves Christmas! Like on November first her Christmas decorations go up! Heather is actually married to my cousin Tyrel so I guess she's a cousin-in-law, but really she's just as good as any first cousin... Maybe better! Wait, I … [Continue reading...]

Happy Halloween


I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoying all the little ones dressed up today! I know I am! Here is my new table runner for Halloween this year. I quilted it with flowers and pebbles. Here is a reminder of the Halloween quilt I finished in August. This one is on display at Sew … [Continue reading...]

Box of Chocolates Revamped

Box of Chocolates Revamped - sample

Since I made my Box of Chocolate Quilt last year I have been asked to teach a class at SMT to make this quilt.  Although I really liked my original colours, they have been done several times now I thought for my class sample I would step out and add a modern twist to this … [Continue reading...]

Hope Valley Lattice


Almost two weeks ago I finished my Hope Valley Lattice quilt. I've been talking about it all summer since I first bought the fabric in Calgary in May and now it's finished and photographed. I really love this quilt. I would have liked it to be a tad bigger (queen sized instead of lap … [Continue reading...]

Work in Progress


I have been neglecting my blog this month, I apologize.  September gets busy even for those of us without kids it seems!  I have started another seminary class, Christian Apologetics, which is great!  Work has been busier then ever, with a big frame show and sale at the beginning of the month, and … [Continue reading...]

Peacock Lane


It has been a very emotional but quiet long weekend at my house. My sister and my parents all left for the mountians for the weekend and other friends were also camping, so I had plenty of time by myself. On Friday I spent 4 hours with my Grandma getting her settled in for her first night in a … [Continue reading...]

Another Retreat!

Clothsline Bag - August 2012

Boy, you would think I do nothing but go on quilting retreats! This has certainly been the summer of quilting retreats. On the first day of the weekend I finished my clothesline purse! It's really more of a tote then a purse I'd say actually. I suppose only a purse addict like myself … [Continue reading...]

Clothesline Bag


Well I finally finished it! Almost anyways... The main bag is done. I just have to add handles and possibly a lining. So here it is! This should have only taken about 2 hours, but I think I spent like 10 on it because first I had bobbin issues (bobbin issues are the worst!) and then I got out of … [Continue reading...]