Dots & Poppies

Ten little things

Wow, I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I last posted.  It's shameful I know.  Life has been busy for sure.  I am still keeping up with my weight loss goals (down 10 lbs!), and I have been taking a new seminary class (Spiritual Formation).  This weekend I finally … [Continue reading...]

Fit Tuesday

This was not the best week of sticking to my plan. I only walked 3 out of 7 days, although I did a whole 5 kilometers on Saturday. I went way over my calorie intake on 3 of the days as well, but on the other 4 I did well and yesterday I was even 35 calories under without feeling hungry. So long … [Continue reading...]


Despite what it may seem, I have been occasionally getting some time in my sewing room! I gave you a glimpse of my Butterfly quilt last week. I started these blocks in the fall and I have finally got around to finishing them off. I used a stash of Chez Moi Posh fat quarters I've had for ages and … [Continue reading...]

Fit Tuesday

I completed another week of my new healthy living plan! Two full weeks already! I have yet to miss a single day of walking. I have done at least 30 minutes of moderate pace walking everyday so far. Last week I was wearing a toque and mitts and yesterday I was wearing capris and a tank top! … [Continue reading...]

Motivation Monday

Last week I got my Unwind quilt back from where it was on display last year at SMT. It was nice to bring it home, it was like I was getting a new quilt! Last week I also read a blog post by Shanna at Sweet and Sassy. She is starting a weekly link up for some motivation to get fit. After reading her … [Continue reading...]

One for the Money

This week I finished the quilt that I started last month at the SMT class. It was a gift for two good friends of mine that got married this Easter weekend. Janay was absolutely radiant! It was a lovely small wedding and it seemed that everyone had a great time. The quilt I made for them is … [Continue reading...]

Swiss Chocolate Jellyroll Quilt

Last week I was approached by a friend at church who was looking to organize an online auction for a family in Ethiopia. There is a family that desperately needs a home. The mother is widowed and she has two daughters. One of her daughters is currently being treated for a severe case of … [Continue reading...]

A Rare Moment

I have been encouraged lately by my sister and her From Scratch posts on her blog. She loves cooking for her family and is quite good at making recipes from scratch. Me? I hardly ever cook. I don't really like to do it because I often don't have time and also... I just don't love it. Anyways, … [Continue reading...]

One for the Money

So it's possible that I started yet another quilt last night! I signed up for this class at SMT about 3 months ago. It's been so long since I took a class and I was really looking forward to taking the afternoon off to learn a new quilt block. The quilt is called One for the Money. You make the … [Continue reading...]

Winter Critters

I had a really great weekend! My friend Tennille had a baby girl on Thursday so I got to go and snuggle a bit on Saturday with little Octavia! It was a sunny warm weekend and Farrah and I went of a lovely walk near the river. It's been a while since either Farrah or I have been able to get … [Continue reading...]