Dots & Poppies

Ironing Board Cover & the Oliso Iron

I have had this pattern for an ironing board cover on my shelf for ages... I think since last spring actually! I even picked out the perfect Echino fabric to cover it with but I just had not gotten around to making it. Well finally this Christmas I took a few hours and put it together. I love it! … [Continue reading...]

Work in Progress

Well I've been back in Canada now for a week and I'm mostly back on track after the jet lag. I have been working full days since last Thursday and I'm settling back into real life. So now that I'm back I figured it's time to get back into sewing again. I have so many projects on the go all in … [Continue reading...]

New blog makeover? Perhaps!

I have entered a contest with Designs by Thauna to win a Blogger to Wordpress migration and blog makeover! Wouldn't it be nice to see some new themes and creative design here? I think so! I enjoyed blogging for you all my trip to Israel and now I'm thinking the quilting blog needs some spicing … [Continue reading...]

To the Garden Tomb

Our last day has come and gone and it was a perfect ending to this journey of retracing the steps of Jesus. Today was a full day walking tour of the old city of Jerusalem and some of the stations of the cross. We entered the walls of the city from the east side through the Lions Gate, which is also … [Continue reading...]

Garden of Gethsemane

This morning was an amazing time. It's difficult to put into words the feelings and emotions of going to the Garden of Gethsemane. The church of Nations is there and it's beautiful. There are olive trees that are likely 2000 years old...they would have witnessed Jesus, the Son of God, praying. … [Continue reading...]

Riding Camels and Floating in the Dead Sea

This morning we headed off towards the Dead Sea and Masada. On the way we stopped at sea level where George knew of a Bedouin man with a camel we could ride! It was so much fun! It was only a camel on the side of the road but still it was my first time and we all had a blast! Our next stop after … [Continue reading...]

On the Jericho Road

Before I start this post today I would like to address a comment I received. My dad told me that I have only been featuring women on our trip in the pictures on this blog. There has been a request to feature a few of the men and today I made my best attempt to capture some snapshots of them. So … [Continue reading...]

From Nazareth to Megiddo

Our first stop today was in Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine at a wedding! There was a lovely small church there and a spot to taste the sweet wine of Cana and even buy a little bottle to bring home.Today stood out for me most in the artistry and beauty of the … [Continue reading...]

To the gates of hell and back!

Well today was another new and interesting day. We left Tiberius at 9am and headed north to the Golan Heights, the farthest northern point in Israel. This is the area where Mt. Hermon is located which is a possible site for the transfiguration and the northern boarder of the Promised Land. Along … [Continue reading...]

On the Sea of Galilee

I don't even know how to begin. Today I truly felt like we walked where Jesus walked. Most of his ministry was on and around the Sea of Galilee and today we went to many of the traditional sites. First things first, we went for a boat ride on the lake. It was amazing! Probably one of my best … [Continue reading...]